July 10, 2009

do i see the sun or the clouds?

This morning at 4 AM just as daylight was beginning to break I woke up. I know this is rather early however, after 5 hours of sleep I felt refreshed and awake. I rolled out of bed into the kitchen to make some coffee as I do most mornings. Early in the morning is such a great time of reflection for me. The sun is coming up, it's quiet, still and the busyness of the day hasn't started yet - I just love it!

During this quiet time a few things came to mind: Am I a person of resolution or one who is full of excuses? Do I try to resolve a problem or do I immediately create reasons why something will not work? No matter what the situation is there is a choice to make. We make decisions everyday, what time do I get out of bed, what do I wear, what do I eat, etc.. you get the point. Do we make excuses for our behavior, do we rationalize our actions?

Today I could have stayed in bed and made many excuses about why 4 AM was too early to be awake, but I did not I rolled out of bed with joy and started the coffee. I even went for a run, I am not a runner, I am a wanna be runner so I should say I try to run or a make an effort to run, nonetheless I went. I took the stairs up eight flights when I returned, passing the elevator - this would have been a great time to make an excuse to take the elevator instead of the stairs, but I did not.

Believe me not all of my days begin like this, I would certainly like them to. I desire to see the sun through the clouds, soak up the beauty that is all around me and be an individual of resolution not excuses!

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